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Dear Friends of NYF!

The last few days have been horrible and very busy but we want to let you all know that all our children and staff and family members are safe as far as we know. Thank you for all your concerned messages!

Our Founder Olga Murray currently has 80 people including children living in her house and garden to provide them with clean drinking water, rice and vegetables where possible and available. Perhaps the biggest comfort is to be together in a time like this.

“Please know that all of the NYF family is well – the J and K House kids, our staff, Som and Sajani, Sani and their families. My heart goes out to those who are not able to say the same thing.
The scenes of destruction all around are sickening”.

(Olga Murray, 25 April 2015, Kathmandu)

Most of the infrastructure is damaged and this raises further fear for the safety of our children. Immediate help is needed and Olga’s and NYF’s top priorities is to provide the children with clean drinking water, look after the youngest and most neediest, provide rice and general healthcare and mental support for those affected.


In the coming days more news will come out on specific areas for support but for now see below where your money is needed most – NYF has set up a “Disaster Relief Fund” especially to enable support directly and on the ground.

How will Olga use your money?
(1) Emergency supplies to hospitals US$100,000
(2) Supplies to support children & pregnant women in shelter US$100,000
(3) Rebuild – crash course training for 1,000 construction workers US$200,000
(4) Financial support for families of trainees to rebuild 1,000 homes US$1,000,000
(5) Schools reconstruction of 50 schools US$1,000,000


We would appreciate your swift response to this appeal. Unless you are especially committed to one of the programs, it would be best if you designate your donation to the “Disaster Relief Fund” so that we have the flexibility to use your donation most effectively as we implement the Disaster Relief efforts.

How can I help?
Bank: Bank of East Asia (BEA)
Account Name: Nepal Youth Foundation (HK) Ltd
Account Number: 015 248 68 00281 5
Swift Code: BEASHKHH
Bank Address: Bank of East Asia Harbour View Centre Branch
Shop 1, G/F, 56 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Please make cheque payable to:
Nepal Youth Foundation (HK) Ltd
Unit 1601, 16/F, Malaysia Building, 50 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Contact details
(86) 139 1164 5720