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Kelly Creel Gave joins the Nepal Youth Foundation Hong Kong 

We are delighted to share with you the news of Kelly Creel Gave joining our Board of Directors.  

Kelly brings with her tremendous fundraising experience as chair of events at the Room to Read Hong Kong chapter, having raised over US$10MM to build schools and libraries throughout the region. 

After spending 10 years in New York and in London working in investment banking at Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank, Kelly first became interested in the needs of children in developing Asia through her work at Room to Read. Kelly is a dedicated philanthropist, and in addition to her work with various NGO’s, she is founder of the GaveKal Endowment to advise and fund Asian charities in the child/education space. Kelly is also a co-founder of Sassy Mama, a regional website addressing the needs and interests of moms.  

Kelly resides in Hong Kong, where she has been living with her husband Louis-Vincent and their four children (aged two, four, six and eight) since 2003.

We are confident with Kelly’s background in philanthropy and her invaluable experience in fundraising, combined with her passion to help our cause – Kelly has been a long-standing supporter of the Nepal Youth Foundation, and more recently visited our childrens’ homes in Kathmandu on a family trip – that her support will be of immeasurable help to us.   

On behalf of our Board of Directors, our founder Olga and president Som, we would like to thank Kelly and welcome her to the family of the Nepal Youth Foundation !