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The Nepal Youth Foundation Hong Kong are very pleased and honoured that we have become a recipient of a new initiative two presents.

Two presents is a Hong Kong based social enterprise which combines birthday parties with charity and builds a bridge for children and families to learn about giving in a more meaningful way.

Their slogan ‘one for you, one for charity’ explains their philosophy for giving and sharing. Let your guests know about your party and that you may want to share all the presents/gifts you receive, with a local charity of your choice.

NYF Twopresents

Guests are asked if they would like to contribute money to a central pool instead of bringing a gift – then the money collected gets split between you and the charity you choose. Its giving made fun and easy and empowers the child to make a choice online for which cause the gift is designated.

For more information please visit

Happy giving and sharing!! Dhanyabad!

Saskia Bowers-Van der Stap
Chair, Board of Directors, NYF HK